Win A $250K Server ! Biggest CtF Prize Ever?

Concise AC Cyber Security Organization & SubPico 2015 is Hosting this CTF Competition 

So What’s The Challenge?

  • This multi-tiered Capture The Flag competition allows contestants to apply their penetration testing and analytical skills to a real world problem. You will need to apply your skills and knowledge required / acquired, cover OSI layers 1 to 7, with some applied mathematics and game / strategy (See Flag 2).
  • Flag 1 Challenge:
    The CTF web application page displays the running time of the comp. The first flag is the CLOCK display field, participants must reset this time to 00:00:00. Flag 1 hackers can ignore the DMA_INDEX field (Flag two only).
  • Flag 2 Challenge:
    The CTF web application provides an additional field ADDRS.
    To win Flag two you must obtain the instantaneous RX/TX DMA KVA/PA BUS addresses associated to their attack session. Once obtained display the indexes, and addresses in the ADDR field. Contestants must then fill in the CLOCK time with the duration of their attack, as measured by time difference L7 (ns) – L1 (ns)

Capture of both flags constitutes success and win of the challenge and Grand Prize!

Grand Prize: SubPico Appliance valued at $250,000, Supplied Bespoke/ turnkey or with OS preferred. Physical: IP, SS7, 2/3G LTE, 8/GE, 40G fibre. etc., file/stream formats raw, pcap, real-time. (Includes built-in IOS mgmt. app, + SNMP OID: 45768). In the event that there is no winner SubPico will at their discretion award a prize to the most valiant attempt.

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