Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

You might have been using your laptop for a long time and sometimes every laptop you buy doesn’t meet your all requirements all the time. It must have something missing that you actually want to have it in your laptop but that’s not available. Most of the times, we buy extra accessories, tools and other new gadgets for our smartphones, laptops and computers to make it cooler and efficient while using it. In the recent time, Power banks ( portable chargers ) are so popular you might see it with everyone to have the extra backup while they use their phones all the time. That’s why till now, no smartphone is yet released to give you that much battery backup you actually need it.

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

In this article, we will be covering up some cool gadgets for your laptop so you can afford and make use of it. Maybe, you may have heard of such gadgets or maybe not but we’ll try to bring up the list with the awesome and interesting gadgets you might love it. Below is the list starting up with top 10 cool gadgets you can afford for 2016.

1. Mini USB Fridge Cooler / $14

Top 10 Cheap Cool Gadgets of 2016 Simentify

You may see this gadget as funny too but this is really a solution, also you may find it very useful in the hot summer weather. It’s a mini water cooler that can be attached right with your laptop via the USB cable and it can chill the cans seamlessly. Let’s say, I am out of my home and working around at a hot place and sunny too. I can put a can in this mini USB fridge and I can drink a chilled juice/drink instead of a hot one. Also, you might think it’s very costly or something like that. Nope! Actually, it will cost you around $14 to have this cool gadget in your packing while you go outside. You can buy one from AliExpress

2. Leap Motion 3D Somatosensory Controller / $23

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016 Simentify

The device looks itself very interesting and attractive as it’s a small piece of hardware with an extraordinary functionality and features packed in it. The main use of the device is to control and perform various actions by making some hand gestures above this device in a distance. Actually, instead of using a mouse you can make those actions via this cool device. This device can make you efficiency greater and better via which you won’t need to touch the hardware in anyway.

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

There are some specific pre-defined gestures which make certain actions. You can make use of it in various cases such as gaming, moving around 3D objects and much more where you need to wave your hands and make that thing happen. Actually, it not might be that much compatible with your daily use gestures with humans but it’s quite amazing with the pre-defined gestures you have lots of interesting actions. Below is the image of some actions at gaming.

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

The leap motion device is addictive when you get used to it just when waving around in front of your laptop and that make the things happen for you. Also, it’s quite interesting to have one. It’s not that much expensive as we think of it. It can cost you around 23 bucks to have it. You can buy one at AliExpress

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3. Mini USB Vaccum Laptop Cooler / $7

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

Looking at the product we can say for which purpose it is used. The laptops which are pretty old gets hotter and sometimes you could not even type on the keyboard because the front panel which is attached to the keyboard gets hotter from the under parts such as hard disk, processor, and such things. This is the reason you need this gadget. It fits your laptop fan where ever it is placed, but mostly we see it at the left side and the warm air is gone from there with a normal speed of the fan. This small mini vacuum actually boosts that hot air comes out of your laptop and pulls it away. By this, your laptop is not even left with hot air for no time. The laptop also performs better when the environment is a little bit normal in temperature. In fact, this won’t make your laptop feel cold but actually at some point it prevents it from getting hot. The gadget is quite affordable in price and you can buy one at AliExpress.

4. Virtual Laser Keyboard / $28

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

By the first glance of this cool device you may not understand what it is but it’s one of the coolest gadget for laptop. As you may have seen in movies a hacker uses a laser keyboard. Well, right now it’s real and you will have one too. This virtual laser keyboard is useful at certain situations and it can make your daily life more efficient and creative. Let’s take an example, you are having a tablet PC and want to type a complete document but you don’t want to do it with the touch screen, now this can be useful. Just connect it with your laptop, tablet or any device you want and you can have a great viewing angle large virtual laser keyboard. Actually, another thing I would like to mention it looks so cool when you typing something infront of someone. You can buy this cool gadget for 26 bucks at AliExpress.

5. USB Fingerprint Reader / $11

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

The fingerprint reader is not only used for saving the fingerprints at office or any other Gov office but you can use it your own way for making yourself more secure and tension free. This affordable fingerprint scanner can give you another security layer to your personal computer or laptop. It doesn’t matter you are using an old model laptop which don’t have the built in fingerprint reader but instead you can just buy this and plug it in via USB cable. You can make your fingerprint as password and put the fingerprint scanner with yourself any where you want. Easily you can unlock you computer or laptop with the fingerprint reader you have. It’s quite cool to have fingerprint on your password protection. This can cost you 7 bucks and you can buy it one at AliExpress

6. Flexible Keyboard / $4


In this list, I’ve added a virtual laser keyboard and you have seen that above. There is also another keyboard which is great fun while using it. It is full flexible keyboard with water resistant feature, that means you can easily wash it if it gets dirty or some sort related. Also, via it’s flexibility you can easily fold it up and put it in your pocket. It becomes useful at certain places such as when you laptop keyboard isn’t working or you want to attach it with the tablet so it’s easy to put it in small spaces. You can easily buy one at $4 from AliExpress

7. USB Hub / $8

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

This gaint USB Hub is a bit more efficient and useful than the normal small USB Hubs. The first feature we can call, it is having USB 3.0 ports and as well as giving a impressive boosted speed for data transfer. There are USB ports along with their own on/off switches along with a small bulb that indicates which port is connected properly and transferring data properly. The best part of it is you can easily plug in all USB cables in the ports, now instead of removing the USB cable just turn off the port with the switch and that makes it efficient in using it. Also, there are large number of ports so you won’t be stressed out to plug in all your devices cables or devices. The USB Hub can cost you 8 bucks if you want to have it. Grab it on AliExpress now.

8. USB Cup Warmer / $3


I think the coolest thing you would have in your office in the cold winter where you want to drink a coffee, tea or milk and want to have it hot as long as you work, this is the ulimate solution to it. You can have this thin piece of USB deviec which can make your cup of tea, coffee or anything warmer so you don’t have cold easily. It is very useful and one of the best office table devices. I would really love have it in winter. Grab it on AliExpress now.

9. Portable USB Oil Diffuser / $16

Top 10 Cheap Laptop Gadgets Of 2016

The healthy and environment-friendly gadget that can make your life easier and happier. Most of the times when you came to your office or sitting in room working, you may smell something awful or that maybe cause of something. Sometimes, you put room freshener around and get rid of the smell. Now, this device can do it for you in a better and efficient way. Just plug your device into your laptop with its healthy liquid it will spray the place around you with a small pressure which smells and feel better. Even, someone sits you with they will also feel better with your cool work. Grab it on AliExpress

10. Flexible USB Bulb / $1


The small USB flexible bulb can make your life easier and smarter. In sometimes you may need to have a little lamp type light for your work and everyone else is sleeping in the room, also you don’t want to turn on the room light. This can be very useful that gives you a smaller light to work on your table or any other place. The best part of it, it’s flexible and you can easily give it a direction just by bending it. Grab it on AliExpress.

The list was a combination of gadgets and devices that can make your daily life easier, smart and efficient. Maybe, you find more cool and awesome gadgets too, don’t forget to share it with us in comments.

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