Microsoft is Spying on Its Users

How Microsoft Can Spy On You And How To Stop It!

This Article will clarify how they keep an eye on you and how you can prevent Microsoft from getting your IP Address without your authorization. How Microsoft Can Spy On You? The answer is basic, by means of their NCSI ( Network Connectivity Status Indicator ). Why would it be a good idea for us to give a second thought of it? Well… every time we begin our Windows Computer an Internet association test is run naturally to test the Internet accessibility.
So each time we start it, our PC makes a connectivity request to a text file into the NCSI Server of Microsoft ( & ).

The Text file should be located here:

Where’s the fun part?
Microsoft conceded that they DO NOT NOTIFY the client Before endeavoring to gather informations, infact it is naturally done on the off chance that you have the Internet!. …In short… They store, in a NO-ENCRYPTED manner, your logs into their WebServer, every time you unite. The logs contain the season of every entrance and the IP location recorded for that get to.

Wanna See in Deep?? Look Below Here!
“User notification: [ NCSI does not notify the user before attempting to collect information. ] … “

“Encryption and storage: [ NCSI does not use encryption ] …

[ IIS logs are stored on the server at These logs contain the time of each access and the IP address recorded for that access. ] … “

What did they say about it?
They said that “These IP locations are not used to distinguish clients, and as a rule, they are the location of a system address interpretation (NAT) PC or intermediary server, not a particular customer behind that NAT PC or intermediary server.” Alright… So Someone may say that it is a support of help local clients see a yellow symbol if there is a constrained network. However… ask to yourself, why ought to Microsoft needs to get all these Personal Informations from Us (put away in that way)?.

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Isn’t a “Legal” Spy System? … well , if you feel ashamed from all of this, we will teach you How to Block all that stuff!.

So, if you Wanna Block the Microsoft “Auto IP-Listening” Service? Act as below:

1) Open REGEDIT and press Enter
4) Click on SYSTEM
5) Click on CurrentControlSet
6) Click on Services
7) Click on NLaSvc
8) Click on Parameters
9) Click on Internet
10) On the right side look for “EnableActiveProibing” and set his Value to “0”

Done?! No, There’s another way on how they can Track us, by using our Local Computer Policy Editor.

Wanna be more secure?
You’ll have to deactivate the “Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests”.

How can you do it? Follow these steps:

1) Search for gpedit.msc and click on it, the Local Computer Policy Editor will appear

2) Go here:
Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Internet Communication Management > Internet Communication Settings
3) Look for “Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests” and turn it OFF.

**Still Worried?!** 
You can Manually Block the domains and the referred IPs directly from the HOSTS File!…

1) Navigate here:
2) Open the file with NOTEPAD or another Text Editor:

3) Paste these following lines at the end of the File: msftncsi.com127.0.0.1

4) What’s next? Of Course you must Save it!.

Congratulations! You have now stopped to send all your Connection Details to Microsoft!.

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