Microsoft Announced most powerful Xbox Console: Project Scorpio


The recent release of Xbox series was Xbox One from Microsoft which is their latest flagship gaming console. It performed quite great in terms of performance and sales too. As well as, Last year Microsoft and Oculus announced a partnership to give more great gaming experience to users. It wasn’t much clear what Microsoft Gonna announce this time.

The time has came and Microsoft announced a super powereful new console device named as Projec Scorpio. The device is said to be the most high-end and powerful gaming console ever made with giving the true 4K resolution gaming with ultra-high quality graphics. The users gonna have a better and real-time gaming experience with such performance that enhances

Technical Specifications Of Project Scorpio:

  • 8 Cores Powerful CPU
  • 320 GB of memory bandwidth per second
  • 6 Teraflops of GPU power
  • 4K Ultra-high quality resolution support
  • Most powerful GPU

The project Scorpio is not only for the common gaming experience but it has also focused on the VR gaming experience which is a new technology of virtual reality which enables a user to play in real-time world which is the most advanced gaming experience.

Below is the official Video by Microsoft About Project Scorpio:

As, Phil Spencer said that

we view Project Scorpio as a new way of thinking about consoles and generations

This device will ensure that the gamers and game developers get more limitless opportunities on both sides. It will be combined with cross play and cross buy between platforms that provides limitless boundaries gaming for the users which is Microsoft’s vision “gaming without boundaries”.

There is nothing yet announced about price tag but the device will be launched in Christmas 2017. Let’s wait for the beast.

Source: Xbox Blog

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