a Guy Co-Founded Facebook by Learning PHP

a Guy Co-Founded Facebook by Learning PHP

Everybody know Facebook , as it is world biggest social media platform for people to do networking and engage with new people around the world . we know that Mark Zuckerberg try harder to make it world biggest platform but a guy knwon as Moskovitz lately co-founded Facebook by learning PHP only.

In 2005, Facebook was turning out to be increasingly mainstream that had spread to 2,000 schools and was creating around 400 million site hits a day — that was more than Google’s online visits. That year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was welcome to give an address at Harvard, his old school. Amid the address, he told about numerous episodes and the best one was the manner by which his flat mate and software engineering understudy Dustin Moskovitz turned into a Facebook prime supporter.

In the address, Zuckerberg told that he was taking a hard and fun software engineering class, however it didn’t permit him to do whatever else with Facebook. By then, he was picking up solicitations from numerous schools who were requesting that he extend the informal community. Along these lines, his flat mate Dustin Moskovitz was similar to, “Hey, I need to assist. I need to offer you some assistance with doing the development.”

Zuckerberg had fabricated the site in PHP programming dialect. Along these lines, Zuckerberg told Moskovitz, “That is really cool. In any case, you don’t have the foggiest idea about any PHP.”

In the event that you think about PHP, you’d know about the way that it’s less demanding to learn on the off chance that you know the great programming dialect C, which Moskovitz knew.

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Zuckerberg told that Moskovitz went home that weekend purchased the book ‘Pearl for Dummies’. He returned and said, “alright, I’m prepared to go.” Well, Zuckerberg said, “The site’s composed in PHP, not PERL, man.”

Decided Moskovitz learned PHP programming dialect, in “two or three days” and “went to work”, tells Zuckerberg. In the wake of offering Zuckerberg some assistance with expanding the site to more schools, they dropped out of Harvard and moved to Palo Alto, working 40 hours per week on Facebook.

Moskovitz left Facebook in 2008 i.e. around three years after Zuckerberg’s address. On account of his Facebook stock, in the long run, he turned into a youthful very rich person.

Here’s the full Harvard address and part about Moskovitz begins at 1:21 —

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