Google’s Project Ara Modular Phone Will Be Available For Developers This Fall

Google Project Ara modular phone

As you may have heard about the Google’s Project Ara which was started over year ago. The main purpose of creating this modular phone is to create only single smartphone for each user and they can just upgrade their smartphone with upgrading the modules instead of buying a new one with a terrible price. The project was started and it got a great response from the users who wanted to have them. Below is the main concept and creation of the modular phone:

modular phone design concept

As you can see in the above image how the frame is made and you can insert new modules easily without restarting your phone. Checkout the below video about the project ara.

Now, the modular phone will be available to Developers by this fall with launching the device os 5.3 inches screen size and Android latest version OS on board. The device will be having six swappable modules which will be having camera, speaker, CPU, battery and some few more. There are also few partners who work on Project ara are Samsung, TDK, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony and a few more.


I would like to say that, I am also desperately waiting for this device to get my hands on.

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