The First Official Teaser Video Of OnePlus 3 Comes Out

Simentify - OnePlus 3 Teaser Video

A new official teaser video of OnePlus 3 is out on the youtube and it’s been released by the OnePlus India team. The video is based on the upcoming new OnePlus flagship which is OnePlus 3 and timeframe of video is 6 seconds which doesn’t show the device design, hardware or any other details. It just confirms the upcoming of the device and we will wait for it. Here is the below teaser video:


Yet, it was already confirmed by OnePlus China which showed the release date of OnePlus 3 is 14th of this month. OnePlus also officially announced that a total of 1000 units of the latest flagship OnePlus 3 will be launched on the launched day to grab in China.

Source: Via | Via 2 


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