Careful on your (Tech) Travels – Scammer Alert

In the event that you were anticipating going by Bogor at, er, Visitbogor(dot)com you may need to leave your online visa at home until the webpage proprietors alter a knock in the schedule. To be specific: a page ruination bearing yell outs to different programmer teams and people.

In 2010, Bogor was voted as the most appealing traveler destination in Indonesia so it has a reasonable bit of pulling force both online and off. Here’s the ruination:Bogor hacked
There should be a foundation picture and a YouTube feature implanted in the page, yet they would prefer appear to not to load.

There’s no malware or endeavors being served up, so that is something – however as with every single traded off site, there’s dependably the likelihood of someone tagging along subsequently and making alters of a more noxious naturYoutube playlist
Source code
Hacked sites when all is said in done are a goldmine for tricksters, and everyone is an objective – the greater the name, the better.

You can simply visit the Official Bogor page meanwhile until the mutilation on the inexorably mainstream VisitBogor site is cleaned up – and remember to look at our rundown of travel tips to keep you safe on your wanderings.

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